Together We Thrive: Harnessing Collaboration for Social Impact and Community Empowerment

Urban environments are complex tapestries woven from countless threads – infrastructure, design, sustainability, and many more. However, the most vibrant and resilient cities are those that place their people at the heart of their development, harnessing the collective power of their communities to drive social impact and empower individuals. In this fifth installment of our […]

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The Power of Collaboration: The Catalyst for Sustainable Urban Development

Urban development, by its very nature, is a complex and multifaceted process. It requires coordinating myriad factors — from infrastructure and environment to socio-economic dynamics and governance. Within this complexity, lies the necessity for an integrative approach that draws on the unique perspectives, skills, and resources of diverse stakeholders. This is where the magic of […]

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A Collaborative Approach to Urban Design and Planning: Building Spaces that Matter

In the world of urban development, design and planning play a critical role in shaping the character and trajectory of our communities. However, successful urban design and planning go beyond the aesthetics and functionality of spaces; they hinge on the creation of environments that enhance well-being, foster social cohesion, and promote environmental sustainability. Achieving these […]

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Building the Future Together: Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Infrastructure

In the field of urban development, infrastructure is the backbone that supports the functioning and growth of our communities. However, creating infrastructure that is sustainable, resilient, and attuned to the needs of the community is no simple task. It requires a multifaceted approach and concerted effort among various stakeholders. In this fourth part of our […]

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Fostering Innovation Through Cross-Sector Collaboration: The Urban Array Way

In our increasingly interconnected world, the convergence of diverse disciplines and sectors is pivotal to addressing multifaceted challenges. This is particularly true in the realm of urban development, where issues like sustainability, community well-being, and inclusivity demand solutions that cut across traditional boundaries. At Urban Array, cross-sector collaboration is at the heart of our approach […]

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The Power of Collaboration: Setting the Stage for Innovative Urban Development

In the face of rapid urbanization and escalating environmental challenges, our world is transforming at an unprecedented rate. As we navigate the complexities of this dynamic landscape, sustainable and thriving communities hinge on our capacity to develop and implement innovative solutions. One approach consistently unlocks groundbreaking innovation – collaboration. More than just working together, collaboration […]

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Residential Housing

We have answered the RFP’s request for mixed-income housing by planning a 40 unit, 5-level structure to be located above the museum. These units will mesh seamlessly with the glass design of the MBTE, and the height of this complex will succeed in beginning to restore the appearance of grandeur in the South Shore architectural […]

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Mental & Physical Health Center

Woman practicing meditation

Our mental and physical health center will be available to our members to strengthen and heal them physically, mentally, and spiritually. Utilizing 4000 square feet, this space will include Sanctuary Health, (our preventative alternative medicine partner) Self-Mind, (our mental and emotional health services partner) a fully outfitted fitness center, an indoor basketball court/gymnasium, a yoga/meditation […]

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Makerspace & Fabrication Lab

3d printer at work. Making or printing goods on cnc plastic printer

The makerspace and fabrication lab will be where our members can train in welding, assembly, and prototyping– jobs that are in high demand and offer competitive wages. This is the space where our local partners JARC and mHub will be teaching interested parties how to use general hand tools, CAD/CAM/CAE computing resources, general machine shop equipment, […]

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