3d printer at work. Making or printing goods on cnc plastic printer

Makerspace & Fabrication Lab

The makerspace and fabrication lab will be where our members can train in welding, assembly, and prototyping– jobs that are in high demand and offer competitive wages. This is the space where our local partners JARC and mHub will be teaching interested parties how to use general hand tools, CAD/CAM/CAE computing resources, general machine shop equipment, laser cutters, and CNC machine tools. 

Our prototyping services will be offered for businesses both inside and outside the community, giving anyone the chance to build and test new product designs. Our mission is to move entrepreneurs from the theory stage to the practice stage, transforming their ideas into tangible products they can hold in their hand.   

 This is the exact kind of targeted support South Shore requires in order to bring enduring prosperity for its citizens, because like the old proverb says, ‘give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for life’– we would like to teach our members to be self sufficient for life. These spaces will be available for individuals who are looking to enter the workforce as well as those who would like to change or advance careers in order to make more money. 

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