Global business network

A Decentralized Community Mobilization and Asset Management Platform

We use distributed technology to build and grow a global ecosystem of local micro-economies united by core principles and a common infrastructure.


Urban Array empowers communities to invest in themselves.

We use distributed technology to build and grow a global ecosystem of local micro-economies united by core principles and a common infrastructure.

Urgent issues of environment, governance, and economic equality are inadequately addressed by the current government, corporate and nonprofit structures. There is a pressing need for a mobilizing and organizing force able to recognize and respond to the needs of our planet and its population: a force that is the people itself. 

Decentralized, democratic blockchain-based networks provide a practical and equitable structure for decision-making focused on communities, neighborhoods, cities, and our global society. By fostering entrepreneurship and activism to create micro-economies in under-resourced neighborhoods, Urban Array’ provides a new infrastructure to harness individual action into a network that builds community and creates sustainable change at both hyperlocal and global levels.

Our platform transforms neighborhoods through cultural development, entrepreneurship, experimentation, and the revitalization of physical spaces. Using the skills, knowledge, and resources of its participants and supported by distributed technology, Urban Array empowers communities to restructure our shared world, starting with their neighborhoods. 

The Stakes

Our old paradigms of existence on our planet must immediately be left behind. They are no longer relevant and are not sustainable. We’ve nearly used up our limited natural resources, and the margin for error shrinks every day. In order to survive, we must radically change our relationship to our earth and to each other.

Individual shifts in mindset are not enough to move the needle. Community organizing and sustainability measures, while a step in the right direction, lack the coordination and scale to be effective. Moreover, we still operate within a broader extractive system that continues to benefit the self-interested and, despite lofty slogans or supposed concern, is neither a steward of planet nor civilization. We can no longer depend upon the capitalism of corporations, the bureaucracies of nation-state governments or the charity of nonprofits. 

It’s time for a different sort of entity: one that is a network, mycelium, hive, family, a living breathing branching organism that is all of us—a catalyzing force designed to coordinate its participants and achieve the outcomes our shared community needs.

The resources we have in abundance are human creativity, connectivity, knowledge, time, and skills. Our vision is to combine the power of technology and collaborative action to mobilize, both locally and globally; to build tools and frameworks to co-create real change—a change that empowers communities, transforms our economic system and lays the foundation for a more just and sustainable world. 

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