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The Blueprint:

Our platform coordinates and executes initiatives, from building community farms to rehabilitating abandoned properties to supporting businesses developed by our members.

The Blueprint

Urban Array uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized circular economy that helps communities to trap and utilize the value that they create. Our platform coordinates and executes initiatives, from building community farms to rehabilitating abandoned properties to supporting businesses developed by our members. Our technology is designed to harness individual action and experimentation into a collective network built, powered and controlled by its participants. 

The world we want to live in is based on equity, trust and meaning. The specifics vary for different localities and individuals, but distributed technologies have opened up ways for communities to rebuild themselves on their own terms. 

Blockchain provides a shared, immutable ledger of time-stamped activity and data that is not owned by any centralized source but rather by the combined intelligence and consensus of all participants.  The Urban Array platform, built on this new technology, provides a way to fairly and transparently exchange economic value, knowledge and resources in the complete absence of a central authority

UA’s structure prevents control or profit by a select few. The network has no central server or authority; both are distributed across the network. It cannot be shut down or controlled by any government entity, regulatory group or even the founders of our organization. 

Freedom from tyranny lies not in independence but in interdependence, not in hierarchies or bureaucracies or supposed democracies but in decentralized networks of consent, not in monopolies or economies of extraction but in economies of sharing, fair competition and mutual enrichment.

While the UA platform is global in reach and scale, each project in the ecosystem is hyperlocal, restructuring neighborhoods for a better quality of life. Resource management with a local focus creates efficiencies in allocation of assets. This closed-loop neighborhood mentality is what is required for our planet as well as our communities, evaluating and tending to the health of the ecosystem as a whole. Ultimately, we are all drinking the same water and breathing the same air. 

An organism like mycelium, Urban Array operates as a decentralized intelligence, able to respond to hyperlocal circumstances while still retaining the consciousness of the whole. This technology is not static, but rather evolves over time through the guidance of our members. The organism is comprised of all that participate in it; together we create it, nurture it, and determine its course. 

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