Volunteer, Create & Build w/ UA

Whether its building software, buildings, businesses or marketing campaigns, we are community builders. Everyone has skills they can use to give back. We strive to be an avenue people can use to make real impact in their communities.

Member Responsibilities and Expectations

Actions Speak Louder than Words

This is a mobilizing organization. WE DO THINGS! We understand we live in a highly divided world on many issues. But the truth is, many of these problems are at crisis levels and need immediate action. If volunteering and community work is your socializing outlet – then this may not be the organization for you.

This is a Grand Experiment

We are in uncharted territory. You are early adopters. There is no presumptions or promises other than our goal is to build a more equitable society. This is a framework we believe can get us started. The success or failure depends on your commitment to execution and evolving the platform with both your input and outputs.

We must all GIVE FIRST

In order for the world to change someone has to sacrifice and risk. Nothing changes unless all of us are willing to sacrifice for the greater good. Our ecosystem is designed to help communities share and increase value for everyone. But if your primary interest is in volunteer rewards or your own personal gain – then this may not be the organization for you.