Running Start Entrepreneur Training

RST provides all the support needed to give minority-owned businesses the best chance possible at overcoming hurdles faced by startups so they can succeed at growing and sustaining thriving businesses.

Program Highlights

The aim of the program is to open the door to economic opportunity for citizens of Chicago that live in divested R3 Zones by developing their competencies in the steps and activities associated with creating and sustaining an entrepreneurial venture. 


Program curriculum is designed to take participants through the steps and stages of venture creation, with a tailored emphasis on the unique challenges and opportunities associated with being a business owner from a typically under invested in minority group. Importantly, the entire training program is offered without any cost to participating community members.


Teams will learn how to test the value of their ideas and validate (or invalidate) the problem they are hoping to solve for their target customer. As teams work to transform their hypotheses into evidence-based insights, they will refine their businesses and may even make a significant pivot on the road to building a more successful startup.

Who Should Apply ?

Program Details

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