Woman practicing meditation

Mental & Physical Health Center

Our mental and physical health center will be available to our members to strengthen and heal them physically, mentally, and spiritually. Utilizing 4000 square feet, this space will include Sanctuary Health, (our preventative alternative medicine partner) Self-Mind, (our mental and emotional health services partner) a fully outfitted fitness center, an indoor basketball court/gymnasium, a yoga/meditation studio, and sensory deprivation float tanks. We believe that community healing begins at the level of the individual, and that is why we are dedicated to providing South Shore with such an array of health and wellness services.

This portion of the building will have a modern and serene design much unlike the sterile rigidity of typical medical offices. Women and BIPOC have been very unfairly underserved by the medical community since the beginning of modern medicine, so these empathetic, Chicago-based, healing channels will offer our members a very different and enjoyable health experience than they are probably used to. 

The Yoga and Meditation space will be a tranquil dwelling for guided classes, dance, and free play for our members to express themselves through the wonder of their bodies. Finally, float tanks are sensory deprivation chambers that are used to ease anxiety of the mind and body. The water is filled with a high level of Epsom salt which allows one to float so effortlessly that they experience zero gravity, allowing their muscles to release all of their tension in a way that can’t be accomplished while tethered to the ground. The darkness and sound-proofness of the tanks gives users an unparalleled experience of mental quiet that can be very difficult to achieve within the bustle of the city and the modern world. These therapeutic tanks give users the perfect conditions for deep, personal reflection.

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