Rooftop Restaurant – The Duæl

The Duæl will be an exciting rooftop dining experience and double kitchen for two local, early-growth restaurants to occupy for a 4-8 week residency, all of which will ultimately end with a tasting competition that will be judged by the South Shore community. After this finale the two restaurants will move on, and a new set will rotate in. Hence the namesake: dual meaning two, and duel meaning battle: The Duæl. 

Once two restaurants have been selected to join The Duæl, each will have its own kitchen to operate completely separate from the other. This will engender a compelling, friendly competition between the two local, minority-led restaurants which will benefit both of them, as well as launching a very sensational tri-annual event for the community to come enjoy and judge. This structure will cause people from South Shore and beyond to repeatedly visit the 79th and Exchange Street corridor because there isn’t just one restaurant for them to try– there are six every year. We saw that INVEST South/West wanted a project that would spark future development and show potential to build out beyond itself, and it is with that in mind that we bore this innovative concept. 

The Duæl will be partially stocked by its adjacent greenhouse and vertical garden, making it about as “farm-to-table” as is conceivably possible. The kitchens will be outfitted to be environmentally efficient. Our guests will be dining in a covered greenhouse-style space that will include indoor seating, a full bar, and a patio dining area for the summertime. 

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