Governance & Project Selection

The more engaging an idea is to members, the more widely it is distributed and dispersed throughout the global community.

Through these collaborative tools, each project will be evaluated on both a deeply personal level and on the positive contribution to the community it serves. The aggregation of this project information will be presented regularly across different communities. The outcomes from this cross-distribution will be twofold: 

  1. People, and not just machines, are exposed to new and different ideas. 
  2. The more engaging an idea is to members, the more widely it is distributed and dispersed throughout the global community.

This global dispersal of the most engaging and effective ideas allows the organization as a whole to refine, develop and incorporate them into our educational and foundational principles. SEAMS will maximize success, personal engagement and growth in both our social enterprise and community development missions.

Governing Collective

Urban Array is designed from the beginning to be governed by the beneficiaries, the members and the overall community. Value is generated by improving how people can function and thrive on a local level. The dispersed Governing Collective is initially the founding members, but over time is managed in both size and membership by a combination of a random selection of people with sufficient Reputation and breadth of rewards, term limits and rolling service. Anyone selected to serve on the Collective is free to decline, at which point another candidate will be selected in the same way.

The size of this Collective is determined primarily by the number of people in Urban Array, and as the communities grow, the Governing Collective will grow. If they shrink, the Collective has the option to put off one cycle of random selection with the belief that it’s a temporary change, but past that, the Governing Collective will have to be reduced. Reduction is by the same random selection algorithm, with a slight bias in favor of removing longer-standing positions.

Apex Decisions

The Governing Collective is responsible for decisions that affect the outermost levels of the organization, such as defining the structure of the groups, whether as Communities or Regions, and standardizing the growth process that allows members’ participation to be normalized by both Coin grants and Reputation grants.

The Reputation required to be eligible for different positions and advancement is determined by automatic analysis of the distribution of Reputation in a particular community. Over time, this would reward both long-term, steady contributors for their service, as well as people who may not be able to commit as much time, but what they can commit is exceptional.

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