Startup Venture Studio and Accelerator

The Startup Studio and Accelerator space will be one of the most important elements of this project in creating sustainable wealth for the community of South Shore. BIPOC and women have been disadvantaged from fairly participating in the economy for generations, and in order to chisel away at a generations old problem, one must use a forward-thinking solution. Wealth does not come from the same places it did forty years ago, and that is why it is imperative we equip our people with the opportunities they need to get ahead and stay ahead– not just catch up. These opportunities are in business and technology. 

This 25,000 square foot space will be located above the museum and will consist of classrooms, meeting rooms, shared office space, and private offices. These will be the spaces where our partners Ignite Technologies, Blue Lacuna, 1871, TechStars, and Jane Addams Resource Center will be offering some of their classes, workshops, and programming to workers and aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs. Teaching our members how to start successful businesses will result in the opening more businesses, effectively creating a snowball of positive impact on South Shore’s commercial vibrancy. 

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