Our Mission

Urban Array is a social venture committed to resolving the problems associated with economic exemption and inequity by empowering entrepreneurship and community ownership.

Urban Array is a techno-economic movement and social enterprise leveraging technology and social networks to put power in the hands of people to lift up and support themselves.

We are building a global “Restorative Investment” platform that provides the infrastructure necessary to undergird BIPOC entrepreneurs emerging from and working to sustain the growth of distressed local economies while opening channels for the broader community to reinvest in disinvested economic centers around the world, with or without capital. 

Our democratic, decentralized community is united around a mission is to combine technology and collaborative action to mobilize people everywhere to educate one another, pool resources, and create thriving sustainable microeconomies in historically divested neighborhoods.

Our ultimate goal is to create an equitable and sustainable world in which all people are empowered to grow their economies, sustain meaningful employment, take care of their families, and build generational wealth.

Construction planning drawings

The Blueprint:

Our platform coordinates and executes initiatives, from building community farms to rehabilitating abandoned properties to supporting businesses developed by our members.

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