Covid-19 has wiped out nearly 50% of black and minority-owned small businesses.

The economic inequality gap is massive.  But together we can solve it.  Join our community of monthly givers to help create a more equitable and sustainable world every single month.

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Social Entrepreneurs

Urban Array is a minority-led restorative investment nonprofit that invests in entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders of color, redirecting money, energy, and creativity into divested communities.

Contributor Members

We leverage the power of technology with collaborative action to mobilize people everywhere to educate themselves, pool resources, and create thriving microeconomies in historically divested neighborhoods.

Impact Investors

The Restorative Investment Fund (RIF) aims to open new avenues for individual and institutional investors to fund disenfranchised and underserved minority communities globally.


Minority communities have notoriously been shut out of
economic growth for generations, to the detriment of all people.
We're on a mission to change that.

Our vision is of an equitable and sustainable world in which people everywhere are empowered to take care of their families, hire members of their communities, and lead the way to create sustainable economic growth and generational wealth.

Revolutionize Community Development

Enabling communities with the processes and tools to self-mobilize, share information, establish best practices, find resources and accurately measure impact.

Promote Equitable Value Sharing

Empowering people to use the digital economy to improve themselves and their communities

Open Up New Avenues of Investment

We are building a global resource for direct investment that can serve as a go-to model for economically distressed and underserved minority communities everywhere.

Now, its your turn.
Get Involved.

No matter how old you are, where you live, or what you can give, you can help make all communities more equitable- and you can start right now

“The greatest barrier to efficeint community-minded economies is the problem of coordination… resources meeting effort.”

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Completed Projects

About Us

Build Yourself.
Grow Your Community.

Urban Array is a techno-economic movement and social enterprise that leverages technology and social networks to put power in the hands of people to lift up and support themselves. 

We are building a global “Restorative Investment” platform that provides the infrastructure necessary to undergird entrepreneurs emerging from and working to sustain the growth of distressed local economies while opening channels for the broader community to reinvest in disinvested economic centers around the world, with or without capital.

Make Lasting Impact with Your Investments

Divested communities have a wealth of untapped potential.  Urban Array enables investors to make impact in communities in need, while restoring community wealth.  Not extract from it.