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Join the frontlines of community driven change.

Engage and Transform Your Community!

Join us in our commitment to building sustainable, equitable communities through technology and collaborative efforts! This season, we're spotlighting our key initiatives designed to empower individuals and foster community development. Learn how you can contribute to meaningful projects and become a part of our thriving ecosystem.

Become a Project Leader!

Through the Urban Array Project Leader program, participants are empowered to lead and co-develop projects focusing on sustainability, technology, and community empowerment. Partner with us to connect, educate, and activate community members in creating the future we all aspire to live in.


Celebrate Community Innovation: Support Local Initiatives

Discover the Urban Array Box, a collection of products and innovations from our community enterprises. This initiative not only supports local businesses but also promotes sustainable practices within our community. Show your support by getting your own Urban Array Box today! BUY THE BOX HERE